Ready for download the new release

The new release, 1.2 is under our download repository. This is a major release due to many new features like automatic Google sitemap, tag system, RSS feeds to name just a few! You can get a full idea of what happened under our project management and bug issue tracking software page. You can also checkout our roadmap to see what is coming next and why not to submit your idea/request.

Is Guru CMS the right tool?
Guru CMS is a powerful and flexible framework for building virtually any kind of website. Below are some circumstances in which Guru CMS is a particularly compelling choice. Read how and when you can use it for your project and when not!
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Get informed about what we are going to develop in the upcoming releases of Guru CMS. What features would you like to see in future versions of Guru CMS. Vote for them and see them in the upcoming release.
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